Garbage Is The Latest Food Trend

Unicorn-inspired treats might be the most obvious current food trend, but there's another in the industry that has been the driving force for some companies in the past few years: garbage. According to a recent report by nonprofit ReFED, the number of companies using food waste in products has increased over the years and has become an industry-wide trend among startups.


One of the major reasons behind companies motives for using food waste for products is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from landfills that food waste would typically go to, The Washington Post reported.


"What was once considered 'waste' — or an accepted cost of doing business — is now seen as an asset and revenue generator," Chris Cochran, executive director of ReFED, told The Washington Post. "As companies begin to track, measure, and understand food loss and waste, the economics of food waste solutions begin to look a lot more attractive."


According to the report, the trend among smaller companies has even caught the attention of big businesses to model after.