French Butcher Raises World’s Most Expensive Beef at $3,200 a Steak

Butcher Alexandre Polmard uses a high-tech aging process to raise his expensive vintage steak with a months-long waiting list
Would you pay thousands for a steak?


Would you pay thousands for a steak?

This butcher’s pricey beef creations put some of the world’s most expensive steakhouses to shame. Meet Alexandre Polmard, the French butcher who uses revolutionary, high-tech aging techniques to raise some of the most expensive beef in the world, at $3,200 a steak.

Why so expensive? According to The Daily News, this sixth-generation butcher “hibernates” his pedigree Blonde Aquitaine cattle and uses an aging process that he compares to fine wine. The Grade-A beef cuts are then stored below ground at negative 45 degrees Fahrenheit with air blowing at 75 miles per hour, which allows the steak to theoretically subsist and age forever since the flesh cannot break down in such frigid temperatures.

Apparently, the beef is popular, because there is a months-long waiting list to sample the 2000-rib steaks.

“I wanted to recreate the world of wine and shake up traditional butchery, seducing people once again to eat beef by offering them something exceptional,” Polmard tells CNN.

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Polmard only sells his beef to a handful of some of the finest chefs in the world. Each steak, he says, is unique, akin to (again) a fine vintage wine.