Former Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers File Lawsuit, Allege They Were Not Paid in Tips

Drivers in Upstate New York were not paid for delivery, according to their lawsuit
Pizza Hut Drivers Not Paid in Tips

Photo New Pizza Hut Modified: Flickr/Daniel Oines/CC 4.0

A Pizza Hut in Schenectady allegedly withheld tips from delivery drivers.

Two former Pizza Hut delivery drivers in Upstate New York are suing the pizza chain for allegedly withholding tips.

William Lewis was a delivery driver in Schenectady from 2005 to 2012 and Samantha Lewis is a Syracuse resident. Lewis filed a lawsuit in Albany federal court, claiming that drivers did not receive tips from customers. Instead, Pizza Hut supposedly kept profits, a violation of New York’s labor laws.

The suit also states that Pizza Hut’s mandatory delivery fees make customers think that the drivers receive the tip (or at least part of it), but they in fact did not at this Union Street location.


This is not the first time a pizza chain has been accused of withholding wages from employees. There were two instances of wage theft in New York City — one in Brooklyn and Queens in February, and one in the Bronx in July. Those cases did not involve delivery drivers, but the employees were not compensated for working overtime.