Forget Carrots: If You Want Better Eyesight, Start Eating More Citrus

We have always thought carrots were the best food for optimum eye health, but as it turns out you really should be stocking up on lemons, limes, and oranges.

According to a study published in the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a diet rich in vitamin C can counteract eye cataracts, which could lead to eyesight loss or blindness.[slideshow: 1634325]

During the study, researchers observed 324 pairs of female twins and watched the progression of cataracts over time, while monitoring their vitamin C intake. The condition of cataracts is usually considered a result of natural aging, but this new breakthrough shows that preventative measures can be taken.

After 10 years, the subjects that consumed significant amounts of vitamin C daily had a 33 percent risk reduction of cataract progression, compared with those that did not.

"While we cannot avoid getting older... a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle generally should reduce the risk of needing a cataract operation," study author Dr. Chris Hammond, an eye surgeon from the division of diabetes and nutritional services at King's College London said in a press release.

The season for citrus is almost over, so stock up soon. It should be noted that vitamin C isn't just present in citrus: Dark leafy greens and tomatoes also have a fair amount.