Food Revolution Day: Jamie Oliver Calls For 'Nanny State' Initiatives Like Soda Taxes

Get out your pitchforks and school lunch trays: it's time to change the world on Food Revolution Day with Jamie Oliver. May 15 marks the annual international Food Revolution Day, dedicated to fighting for healthy food and extensive food education for every child worldwide. This year, the Naked Chef teamed up with Ed Sheeran to produce a rap about providing nutritious meals for children. The pretty spectacular video features Oliver rapping (yes, rapping) lyrics written by the ginger pop star, a children's choir, and cameos from Paul McCartney and Hugh Jackman.

But beyond the pomp, circumstance, and star power, Jamie Oliver wants to tell the world that he believes Britain should be taking more extensive action to assure that kids eat well, advocating a 20 percent tax on sugary drinks. He specifically came out in support of a British "nanny state" in this area.

"No, at the right time we do have to be nanny state — we love, we take care, we nurture," Oliver told The Guardian. "School Dinners was all about love and taking care. We didn't have standards. There were standards for dog food, but not kids' food. It's 2015, it's 10 years on, the story continues. It's not over."

He went on to explain that mandatory food education is imperative, as well as more funding for schools to assure that their nutrition education does not slip through the cracks. Where would they get that money? Why, from the soda tax, of course.