Flour Recall Expands to Include Cake and Pancake Mixes

General Mills recalled about 10 million pounds of flour last month due to E. coli

Wikimedia Commons / Mudd1 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Recalled products include Betty Crocker rainbow chip and carrot cake mixes and Krusteaz pancake mix.

The General Mills flour recall issued last month, in which 10 million pounds of flour were recalled due to an E. coli outbreak, has expanded to include cake and pancakes mixes.

Specifically, Krusteaz pancake mix and Betty Crocker rainbow chip and carrot cake mixes have been recalled for potential contamination of the recalled flour, Consumerist reported.

In a release, the company explained that, for the Betty Crocker cake mixes, the recalled flour was used to manufacture the flavor chips used in the mix. Flavor chips are “a rather unappetizing but accurate way to describe the blobs that simulate fresh shredded carrot or form the pretty rainbow-colored chips in the cake mix,” Consumerist explained.

General Mills continues to work with health officials on an ongoing investigation of the multistate outbreak.

Continental Mills, a different company, has also recalled its blueberry pancake mix for potentially containing some of the recalled General Mills flour.


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