Florida Man Tries to Rob 2 Restaurants in a Row by Pretending His Hand Is a Weapon

When his plan did not come to fruition in the Subway restaurant, he tried again across the street at Krystal’s

The Subway employee told him that she knew he did not have a weapon because she had just seen him place his hand under his shirt. 

A Florida man with the rather unfortunate name of Troy Cowart attempted to rob a Subway restaurant this week by pretending that his hand was a weapon.

Cowart, who walked into a Subway location and demanded money, was told by an employee that he would need to buy something first.

Cowart reportedly said that he would buy a cookie, and then placed his hand under his shirt, implying that he had a weapon, according to the police report.

Unfortunately for the wannabe burglar, the Subway employee told him that she knew it was his hand, not a weapon.

Cowart then told her, “Yeah, but I have a knife.”

At that point, the manager of the Subway told Cowart to leave or she would call the police. “The defendant then walked out of the store across the street to Krystal’s fast food restaurant,” the police report states, where he “attempted a robbery there as well.”


Cowart was taken into custody shortly thereafter, where it was revealed that he did not have any weapons.