Five Japanese People Hospitalized After Eating Deadly Puffer Fish

Five men are recovering after eating puffer fish, also known as fugu, which can be toxic if not prepared correctly

It may be considered a delicacy, but is the risk of eating puffer fish worth the reward?

Japanese fugu, also known as the puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy so dangerous that chefs must undergo years of training and an exam to learn how to prepare the potentially toxic fish. Five men who played the game of puffer roulette in Japan were hospitalized this weekend after consuming fugu in a restaurant in western Wakayama. According to The Guardian, the victims reported breathing difficulties and vomiting. However, the men will live, despite their harrowing ordeal.

Most people who know better would stay away from the puffer fish. Multiple parts of the puffer fish, including the liver, roe, ovaries, and intestines, contain a strong neurotoxin that causes muscle paralysis. In this case, parts of the liver were found in the dish consumed by the five victims over the weekend.


Officials stated that the restaurant served the banned parts of the puffer fish at the diners’ request. We know that the customer is always right, but knowingly serving poisonous fish to adventurous eaters may be taking the sentiment a little bit too far. The restaurant was shut down by city officials soon after the incident.