The First-Ever Brownie Mix Made From Crickets Is Coming Soon

Cricket Flours is raising money on Kickstarter to sell the first-ever commercially viable cricket brownie mix

Each brownie contains the pulverized remains of at least 12 crickets. Are you brave enough to try?

You’ve probably read the headlines that insects are the protein source of the future, but the idea of scarfing down creepy-crawlies may still bug you.Enter Cricket Flours, stage left. Cricket Flours is a small company that produces flour made from pulverized crickets, amongst other edible insect products. Its latest project is the first-ever brownie mix made from cricket flour.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, which ends next month, each brownie contains 12 crickets and two grams of protein. Crickets are already known to be a strong and sustainable source of protein and this one supposedly contains twice the usual amount of protein found in a regular brownie. The signature chocolate flavor is “dairy free and made with organic Peruvian cocoa powder and gluten free flours.” If all goes well, you’ll start seeing cricket brownie mixes on shelves starting in April.


Cricket Flours also makes instant oatmeal in multiple flavors, baking flour, protein powder, peanut butter, and Peruvian powdered chocolate, all made from the same chirping insects.