Find Out What Customized Gelato Flavor Represents You

Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto invites fans to enter its Flavorize.Us contest to have their unique flavor made

Algorithm determines your custom flavor through scanning your social media accounts for different ‘flavor sentiments.’

Thanks to Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto’s Flavorize.Us, you can find out what custom gelato flavor represents you, and Talenti just might make it for you.

“We're giving people and their friends the chance to create a gelato flavor unique to their friendship,” said Talenti founder Josh Hochschuler. “In the same way people's quirks and passions make up their personality, our ingredients make us uniquely Talenti.”

Flavorize.Us utilizes an algorithm which scans Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts for “flavor sentiments” in the form of word choice, emoji usage, and color. It then assigns ingredients to match these flavor sentiments to create personalized flavors such as Praline Hungarian Shortbread Mint or Pluot Sauvignon Blanc Nectarine, according to a release.

The flavors become more complex as you bring in more social media accounts, and fans can also bring friends into the mix to create flavors representing the group. There are over 145 million possible flavor combinations.

Customers have until July 2 to create their group flavor, and on July 26 the best couple (two people), squad (six people), and group (up to 47 people) will be grand prize winners. Talenti will then create a limited batch of the winners’ flavors.


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