Ferran Adrià On Life After elBulli: 'Now, We Will Eat Knowledge'

In a lengthy and winding profile of Ferran Adrià, the ever forward-thinking chef who opened one of the world's most legendary restaurants —  in which he and his team created approximately 1,846 new dishes — The New York Times makes a go of explaining what's next for Adrià, but neither he nor the publication can say for sure.

That's the cost of doing business with Adrià, whose mind is constantly moving in many different directions. On Twitter and in real life, the chef poses questions like "What is wine?" and "What is a peanut?"

Since closing elBulli, Adrià has become a creative ambassador for the telecommunications company Telefónica, which hosted his exhibition, "Auditing the Creative Process." Since 2011, Adrià has also been teasing details of the elBulli Foundation, an upcoming foundation for gastronomic studies that includes, perhaps, projects known as elBulli DNA and Bullipedia.

One facet of elBulli Foundation includes the development of a search engine called SeaUrching, and another points to the creation of "a digital language coded for use by refrigerators or other kitchen appliances."

Check out the full profile of Ferran Adrià on The New York Times. While you may not get a clear sense of where or when Adrià's next move is happening, it's worth a read, and includes the line, "this is a flow chart of a cucumber's existence."