The FDA Wants to Know All About Your Nutella Habits

The chocolate-hazelnut spread is more than just a dessert topping

Nutella is a popular option to put on breakfast toast.

Nutella wants to break-free of its “dessert topping” label and be placed in the category similar to honey, jam, and jelly, according to Bloomberg. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to monitor Americans’ consumption of the spread to determine if it should be granted entry into that category.

Ferrero, Nutella’s parent company, began a petition to change the definition of the product in 2014, claiming it is no longer considered a dessert-only option, Grub Street reported. The petition claimed that in 2012, 74 percent of Nutella consumed in the U.S. was put on bread in 2012, as opposed to only 2 percent used on ice cream. The spread has also made its way to breakfast items such as toast, pancakes, and crêpes.

The FDA recently released a document to gather information for 60 days to see whether the data received matches Ferrero’s claim.


By changing the classification of Nutella, the company can change its nutrition labels. It can cut the current serving size of two tablespoons in half, so as to have a serving size of 100 calories that contains between five to six grams of fat per tablespoon.