The FDA Has Approved GMO Apples And Potatoes That Won't Turn Brown

Are GMOs potentially dangerous, or could they be the future of food consumption that this planet needs? Whichever side of the GMO debate you fall on, the reality is we consume GMO crops in one form or another every day, and the FDA has just approved of two new GMO crops: Arctic Apples and Innate Potatoes.Arctic Apples are bruise-proof and won't turn brown, and Innate Potatoes are also bruise-resistant.

The apples are genetically engineered to resist browning because they have reduced levels of enzymes that can cause browning. Innate Potatoes offer the same thing, but they also are engineered to produce less acrylamide, a chemical that can form in some foods, like French fries, during frying.

GMO crops, according to the FDA, must meet the same level of standards as any other food grown or produced in America. The consultation was derived through voluntary samples sent by companies that produce these bruise-resistant apples and potatoes.

"The consultation process includes a review of information provided by a company about the nature of the molecular changes and the nutritional composition of the food compared to traditionally bred varieties," said Dennis Keefe, Ph.D., director of the FDA's Office of Food Additive Safety, in a statement. "This case-by-case safety evaluation ensures that food safety issues are resolved prior to commercial distribution."

The FDA does not have any further questions about either genetically-modified food, and Arctic Apples and Innate Potatoes will hit the market soon.