FBI Seeks Man Who Tried to Sprinkle Unknown Substance on Products at Whole Foods

An anonymous man was spotted attempting to contaminate food at a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan

It could have been Anthrax, or it might have been water. But the FBI isn’t taking chances. 

The FBI is currently seeking the identification of an unknown man who was caught by security cameras on April 24 attempting to sprinkle an unknown liquid substance onto products at a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"We do not know what the substance was," FBI Spokesperson Jill Washburn told Michigan Live. "The only thing [we know is] that he was seen sprinkling the substance on was food."

Whole Foods confirmed with the media that a team member caught the man attempting to contaminate items at the hot foods bar, and security footage confirmed it. They immediately shut down and sanitized the affected area. Police and all surrounding Whole Foods locations were contacted.

Preliminary testing has shown that the substance is likely not harmful.

The FBI is confident that photos released of the man entering and exiting the store will soon lead to his identification and capture.


"I think we need to speak with him first," Washburn said. "The photos are relatively clear, so someone should be able to notice who it is.