Fast Food Fight: Wendy’s Disses Burger King on Twitter with Wicked Burn

Wendy’s and Burger King got into a flame war on Twitter when both announced similar deals over social media

In the war of burgers and French fries, who do you stand with?

Burger King may want to apply some ketchup to this serious burn from Wendy’s.

The two fast food giants went at it on Twitter over the weekend.

It all started when Wendy’s announced its 4 for $4 deal — a value meal deal that many fast food chains had been emulating.

Which emulated responses like this from its legion of loyal fans:

But also got the attention of Wendy’s rival, Burger King which announced a similar (though, seemingly better) deal:

Wendy’s was not going to stand for that subtle shade, so it threw down the gauntlet in response: 


Which, needless to say, both entertained and surprised fast food Tweeps: