Fast Food Fight: Man Charged With Assaulting His Brother For Eating 3 Big Macs

One man was arrested after getting into some pretty serious beef with his brother over a Big Mac. Apparently Thomas Veres, 47, was so angry that his brother Matthew Veres, 58, ate three McDonald's Big Macs and did not save him any that he resorted to physical violence, throwing several punches at his sibling.The younger Veres apparently "went nuts" and began knocking over furniture in his brother's home before physically assaulting him several times in the face until police arrived, according to local news station WTAE.

The altercation occurred late Thursday night, when Thomas came home and discovered that his brother had eaten the McDonald's food and not saved any for him. That's when he began ransacking the home. According to police reports, Matthew Veres suffered bruises to his right eye and left cheek and cuts on his ear.

The younger Veres was charged with assault and harassment.