Farm-to-Fork Food Magazine for Preschoolers Is Born

Butternut is a food literacy magazine for tots curious about where their tater tots (and other foods) come from

Farm-to-table, organic, sustainable eating habits? It’s never too early to start them on the right path.

A food magazine aimed at toddlers and preschoolers will soon hit magazine racks. We can just imagine the coverage: “A Taste Test of the World’s Best Juice Boxes” and “Broccoli: Yummy Friend or Yucky Foe?” All kidding aside, Butternut will be the world’s first food magazine for kids ages two to six, dedicated to encouraging “food literacy for young readers.” The educational publication, a subset of Ingredient Magazine for older kids, already has a Kickstarter to help put its farm-to-fork for first graders concept into print.

“We believe that the two greatest skills that kids can learn today are reading literacy and food literacy,” Jill Colella, the magazine’s editor, said in a statement. “Butternut’s primary aim is to offer those in tandem. Learning how to read critically and learning how to eat competently can empower an individual to live a rich, fulfilled, happy, healthy, successful life…. A food magazine for this age group is a resource that is badly needed.”


Subscribers to the magazine will receive six issues annually, with 30 ad-free pages containing articles to “help young children understand conceptual ideas about food — what it is, where it comes from, how to eat it — using photo essays and vignettes.” Each issue will focus on a specific theme, like pumpkins, lunch, or drinks. The magazine will be put together by teachers, and will contain school-friendly puzzles and games as well as tips for parents and teachers.