EXCLUSIVE: We Tried Packaged Deep-Fried Twinkies So You Don’t Have To

The Daily Meal was the first to try packaged deep-fried Twinkies, sold exclusively at Walmart in original and chocolate flavors

Walmart: Where you can bring the heartburn of your state fair home with you.

While the rest of the junk food and fast-food world is desperately trying to catch up with the healthfulness trend, Hostess is channeling its indulgent roots for inspiration. Now you can buy deep-fried Twinkies (yes, exactly like the ones you begged your mom to buy you at the state fair) at — of all places — your local Walmart.

We had the chance to sample these golden temptations before they hit shelves (and the shopping carts of begrudging parents).  They’ll be available at Walmart stores across America this week and come in original and chocolate crème-filled flavors.

As for the product itself, it was surprisingly not bad. Reminiscent of carnivals and trips to the beach boardwalk, deep-fried Twinkies hit the nostalgia buttons in all the right places and were reminiscent of fried Oreos or funnel cake (with different filling, of course). We thought the texture was better than the normal, spongey cake of a regular Twinkie. They were, however, way too sweet, and even finishing one-third of a Twinkie was difficult, let alone polishing off an entire cake. 


If you’re going to venture into unknown saccharine territory, the deep-fried Twinkie is best eaten warm and straight out of the toaster instead of at room temperature.