EXCLUSIVE: Now SkinnyPop Popcorn Comes in Jalapeño and Dark Chocolate Flavors

SkinnyPop has debuted new flavors — one spicy, one sweet — to its arsenal of low-calorie popcorn snack offerings

Snacking without guilt now has new flavor profiles.

SkinnyPop has debuted a totally new snack line and The Daily Meal has the exclusive on the added flavors: Jalapeño and dusted dark chocolate.This brings the total number of varieties of the popular low-calorie, “clean” popcorn snack to six.

“We believe in snacking without compromise and aim to bring fans a better-for-you-snack choice that also tastes delicious,” said Amplify Snack Brands CEO Tom Ennis. “We’re excited to offer even more variety with these new spicy and sweet flavors to make snack time even more enjoyable.”

While the dusted dark chocolate flavor has an overtly chocolaty taste, which was a surprising contrast to the salty flavor profile of the light and airy popcorn, we much preferred the subtle spiciness of the jalapeño flavor, which we wish had even more of a kick to it than it already does.


Both snacks are just 140 calories per serving and are GMO-free and have zero artificial flavors.