Exclusive: The Cupcaron, A Mini Cupcake And Macaron Hybrid, Is Now At Baked By Melissa

Pastry hybrids: we know you're probably sick of them. But here's a hybrid that really works: the Cupcaron. The Cupcaron, besides being fun to pronounce, is the new mini cupcake and macaron hybrid from Baked by Melissa, the New York City-based mini cupcake shop. The Daily Meal got an exclusive sneak-taste of the three spring flavors debuting on March 20: strawberry cream, chocolate graham, and cotton candy. Each dainty cupcake, slightly larger than the size of a quarter, is topped with an even smaller French-style macaron and drizzles of icing.

Here are our tasting notes for each Cupcaron:

Strawberry Cream Cupcaron — The strawberry cake with marshmallow cream stuffing, vanilla icing, and pink macaron topping had a "classic artificial strawberry flavor, in a good way," and wasn't "overly sweet."

Cotton Candy Cupcaron — The cotton candy cake with pink vanilla icing and a blue macaron topping tasted "just like cotton candy" and was probably the sweetest of the bunch.

Chocolate Graham — The chocolate cake with graham cracker cream stuffing, chocolate icing, and a graham cracker macaron had a "surprisingly strong graham flavor" and was a "satisfying mini dessert: a s'mores cupcake without the marshmallow."

And everyone on Twitter seems to be excited about the cupcarons: