Eric Kayser’s Baguette Officially Named the Best Baguette in New York City

Finalists of French Morning’s readers’ poll went head-to-head in a blind tasting

Baguette Battle New York 2016 was hosted at Sofitel New York.

Baguette enthusiasts, esteemed judges, and some of the best bakers in New York City gathered in the beautiful Le Grand Paris Ballroom at Sofitel New York last night for the Baguette Battle New York 2016. Finalists from a reader’s poll at French Morning presented their baguettes to a panel for a blind tasting to win the coveted title of Best Baguette in NYC.

Guests were able to taste the breads for themselves, meet the makers of the delicious loaves, and enjoy a selection of charcuterie courtesy of D’Artagnan, cheese courtesy of Savencia, jam courtesy of Bonne Maman, and of course, wine.

Ariane Daguin, D’Artagnan founder, “Queen of Foie Gras,” and winner of Bon Appetit‘s Lifetime Achievement Award had the honor of announcing the winners. Daguin said it was a very tight race, so the jury wanted to acknowledge multiple finalists. Breads Bakery and Amy’s Bread were named the two runners-up for best baguette. For specialty bread, Epicerie Boulud was acknowledged for being the most original and best-tasting, while Orwasher’s Bakery was given a special mention as it reminded Daguin of her childhood and left several of the judges teary-eyed.

Finally, the best baguette of the evening, “by appearance, by its aroma, by its crustiness, by its flavor, for us, after fighting it over, the best one of the evening” was awarded to Eric Kayser of Maison Kayser. The best baguette according to a vote taken in November by French Morning readers was also Kayser’s baguette.


I had the opportunity to ask chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit what makes a good baguette, for him, to which he responded, “Depth, chew, crunch, aroma.” Golper later added that being Eric Kayser doesn’t hurt.