At Eatsa, You Can Get Your Quinoa Bowl With Zero Human Interaction

Customers who walk into Eatsa are greeted by one person at the front of the store, and no one else. Instead of cashiers and pick-up windows, iPads line one wall, interactive clear, glass cubbies line another, and a third wall dispenses cutlery using motion sensors.

Eatsa, with only two locations in California thus far, is experimenting with a "new kind of food experience." Travis Jones, head of culinary operations at both locations, tells Los Angeles Times, "There are three people in the back that make everything from scratch. We believe in blending technology and proper culinary skills, and it's a blend that makes the whole process work." 

Eatsa serves custom and signature quinoa bowls, and a few side dishes. Jones says their quinoa is made using a secret 12-hour process, and that their most popular bowl is a burrito bowl, which features  guacamole, salsa fresca, queso, Portobello 'asada,' grilled corn, warm lemon and herb toasted quinoa, tortilla chips, and pinto beans. Each bowl is $6.95.

Customers place their order on an iPad or on their phones. Then, once the order is ready, a cubby on the wall of glass cubbies will light up. Customers are prompted by the glass door to tap twice, opening the door so they can pick up their order.