Dunkin’ Donuts Now Offering Frozen Dunkaccinos

The beloved coffee milkshake, along with low-calorie fruit drinks, come to Dunkin’ Donuts

This summer, Dunkin’s frozen coffee drink game is on point.

Big news for Americans who run on Dunkin’: Dunkin’ Donuts is planning on expanding its drink line to include frozen Dunkaccinos, Dunkin’s answer to the Starbucks Frappuccino. The coffee and doughnut chain will also start selling fruit smoothies (in strawberry-banana and mango flavors), as well as low-calorie versions of its popular Coolatta drinks.

"With our new blenders, we see great opportunity to reinforce our beverage leadership and attract new customers in the years to come with innovative beverage choices, including Smoothies made with real fruit and yogurt, lighter versions of our popular Coolatta Frozen Beverages and Frozen Dunkaccino,” said John Costello, Dunkin' Brands President, Global Marketing and Innovation, in a statement.


This move into the frozen coffee business could bode well for Dunkin’, since, according to Reuters, Starbucks has made nearly $3 billion off its Frappuccinos. The new frozen drinks (and plenty of blenders) will be added to each of Dunkin’s 8,100 outlets nationwide throughout the year. Dunkin’ is fairly late to the fast-food and fast-casual frozen drink scene. Even McDonald’s added smoothies and frappes to its menus a few years ago.