Dunkin’ Donuts Korea Made a ‘Reggae’ Doughnut with an Afro

Everybody loves Bob Marley and doughnuts

These are the reggae-themed offerings at Dunkin' Donuts Korea.

Dunkin’ Donuts Korea evidently associates doughnuts with Jamaica, because they have released a Ya-man Reggae Donut.

The dark brown doughnut is shaped like an afro and features red, yellow, and green sprinkles. It is served in a paper container with a man’s face (perhaps Bob Marley?) to make the doughnut look like his hair.

In stores, Dunkin’ Donuts is labeling this creation the “Reggae master” doughnut.

This doughnut is part of a new Jamaican-themed menu. There is also a doughnut covered in red, yellow, and green sprinkles; a peace sign glazed doughnut; and a heart-shaped filled doughnut (maybe it has pumpkin or Reese’s pieces as its filling). There are two colorful layered frozen drinks in presumably tropical flavors.

Dunkin’ Donuts Korea previously released a coffee scent called Flavor Radio that was sprayed on public buses.


Looks like everybody does love Bob Marley — why else would they make a doughnut inspired by him?