This Drunk Guy Accidentally Bought More Than $500 Worth of Pizza for Strangers

After a night of partying, one British guy tried to do a good deed, and ended up buying $500 of pizza for American strangers

This was a good deed gone hilariously wrong, but Daniel Sobey-Harker took it in stride.

When most people get a little too tipsy, they buy a few rounds at the bar for friends. But when Londoner Daniel Sobey-Harker gets drunk, he accidentally buys £350 ($500 USD) worth of pizza for strangers on the Internet.

After promising to buy a co-worker some pizza, Sobey-Harker was in a generous (and inebriated) state, and began browsing the Reddit community, r/RandomActsofPizza, a subreddit devoted to donating pizzas to Redditors in need.He posted to the subreddit asking Redditors to help him buy pizza for an American, and ended up purchasing some bitcoins to spend on Papa John’s for a lucky recipient. Unbeknownst to him, two bitcoins actually cost £350 ($550).

Instead of panicking, Sobey-Harker began spreading goodwill on Reddit, sending pizza near and far to anyone who requested. He repeated his spending spree the next night (this time sober), feeding several dozen happy Redditors in the process. 


“In the clear light of day, I probably could have spent them a bit more productively,” Sobey-Harker told Vice’s Munchies. “But people were commenting with these really heartfelt stories. There were people who’d been dumped, lost their jobs, drug addicts saying they’d blown all their cash but would kill for something to eat. I felt for them.”