Donald Trump Was Just Sued For Illegal Tip Skimming At His Trump SoHo Hotel

Donald Trump — reality star, media and business tycoon, and Republican presidential frontrunner — is facing legal trouble for allegedly skimming worker tips.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Suffolk County Supreme Court on February 13 of last year, claims that Trump's Hotel SoHo was illegally keeping a mandatory 22 percent service fee added to each customer's bill. Deborah Garcia, who filed the claim, hopes to turn this into a class action lawsuit, according to DNA Info.

"A reasonable customer would believe that the service was in fact a gratuity for [Garcia] and similarly situated employees," says the lawsuit.

Donald Trump's son, Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, are also named in the lawsuit, which claims that the tips from the mandatory service fee were never collected by Garcia or other employees at the hotel. According to New York State law, a business must clearly indicate on a bill or menu when a service charge is not equated to gratuity.

"The lawsuit filed in 2015, is entirely a reflection of the responsibility of the third-party contractor," Trump Hotel SoHo said in a statement. "The plaintiff has never been a staff member of the Trump Soho Hotel. She was contracted by a third party but was never directly employed by Trump Soho Hotel."

Trump, who is known for shelling out millions for towering hotels, casinos, and apartment buildings plastered with his name on it, is no stranger to lawsuits. Just last fall, chef Jose Andres sued Trump after he dropped out of his contract with Trump Hotel in D.C., claiming that Trump's derogatory comments toward Mexicans were a breach of contract.