Domino’s Turns Customers Into Informants on Outdated Stores

Domino’s has enlisted its customers to inform on franchisees still using the old “Domino’s Pizza” logos
Domino’s Turns Customers Into Informants on Outdated Stores

Domino’s has denied that the social media campaign is an effort to shame franchisees into changing their signage. 

Domino's has launched a social media “logo mission” asking customers to inform on locations of the chain that are still using the company’s original logo, which reads “Domino’s Pizza.”

The chain rebranded itself in 2012, dropping the word “Pizza” from its promotional materials. The move was meant to signal a transition to a wider range of menu items, like pasta dishes and sandwich options.

Evidently, however, a number of locations have yet to make the switch, at least in name.

Domino’s new “logo mission,” heavily branded on the company’s website as a military-style field operation, encourages customers to “find a target,” publicize the location on social media with the hashtag #logoinformants, and enter to win a potential reward for informing.

Domino’s headquarters, meanwhile, has denied that the informant operation is an effort to “rat out or shame franchisees into updating their signage,” according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

So far, an estimated 1,000 domestic locations out of 5,000 have changed their signs, with a full conversion estimated for completion by the end of 2017. Despite having rebranded itself in 2012, the company only began requiring new signage a year ago. 

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