Domino’s Pizza Driver Saves the Life of Chain Regular

Concerned crew went to check in on a regular customer who had not placed an order in over 10 days
Domino's Delivery

Flickr / Terry Presley / CC BY 4.0

The actions of the Domino’s staff helped to get the customer the medical attention he needed.

For one man in Salem, Oregon, ordering Domino’s almost every day saved his life.

Employees at a local Domino’s were concerned about customer Kirk Alexander, a regular, after they had not heard from him in 11 days and were aware that he had health problems. Sarah Fuller, the general manager, told KOIN 6 News that he had been ordering from that particular store since 2009.

Fuller said, “We saw the last order was 11 days ago. We knew something wasn’t [right], that wasn’t normal at all.” She sent a delivery driver, Tracey Hamblen, who delivered to Alexander’s home often, to his house to check in on him.

Upon arrival, lights were on and there was a sound of a television, however there was no answer at the door and Alexander’s phone went directly to voicemail. The driver was instructed by the team back at the store to call 911. Officers entered the home to find Alexander in need of “immediate medical attention,” reports USA Today.


A spokesman for Salem Health says that Alexander is in fair condition, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office thanked Hamblen and said that his “quick action and willingness to help” made a big difference.