Dominique Ansel Kitchen Launches Soft Serve Ice Cream Window On Friday, June 5

Dominique Ansel Kitchen, the new, eponymous, and Cronut-less bakery from the prolific pastry chef, has announced the official launch of its soft serve ice cream window on Friday, June 5.

The bakery will debut two flavors, burrata and gianduja — a classic Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread — made from fresh milk rather than an ice cream mix. 

The burrata will be served with balsamic caramel and a "whole confit strawberry surprise," and the gianduja will be topped with salted hazelnut brittle, orange mist, and sea salt.

The homemade cones made to house the soft serve will be "buttery and lightly sweet with a touch of honey." Each cone will be available for $7.

The ice cream window, located at the Dutch door on the side of Dominique Ansel Kitchen, will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from noon until 9 p.m.

We cannot even begin to imagine the length of the line that will form on Friday morning and the days ahead, but now you've officially been warned, so good luck! We'll all need it.