Discount Grocery Under Fire for Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Cookies were offered at a 90 percent discount
Girl Scout Cookies

Photo Modified: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar / CC 4.0

Deal Mart received the cookies from ABC Bakers, who had donated leftover cookies to a hunger relief charity.

A discount grocery store chain in Simpsonville, South Carolina, was found to be selling boxes of Girl Scout cookies at a discounted price in its six stores. This did not sit well with the Girl Scouts of South Carolina, Mountains to Midlands chapter, reports WSPA.

Karen Kelly, Director of Marketing and Communications at Girl Scouts, said, “[The girl scouts] are learning leadership skills. They’re learning to run their own business. They set their own goals. If the public thinks that they can buy discounted cookies after our cookie sale is over, then it could harm the programs that are available to girls.”

The cookies were being sold at DealMart for $5 for a 12-pack of cookies, at about a 90 percent discount, as the grocer had a large quantity of cookies that needed to be sold as quickly as possible while they were still fresh.

GUSA said in a statement, “At the end of the Girl Scout cookie season, ABC Bakers donated surplus product in good faith and consistent with past practices to a domestic hunger-relief charity. Some of that product found its way into Deal Mart stores in South Carolina. They are in the process of immediately removing that unauthorized product from the shelves and investigating what happened. Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands was not involved in this unauthorized product ending up at Deal Mart.”


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