Detroit Lions Players Reveal What They Eat Before Football Games

The football team spoke to third-graders about healthy eating and what they eat to fuel up before a game

The Detroit Lions during the Thanksgiving Day game in 2014.

Four Detroit Lions football players revealed what they eat before a game to fuel them up.

Wide receivers Corey Fuller, Lance Moore and Calvin Johnson, and safety Glover Quin went to a Meet Up and Eat Up event at Detroit’s Eastern Market on September 15 to speak to third-graders from Detroit public schools.

One of the students asked the football players what they eat before a game.

Fuller said that he usually eats spaghetti with pesto, grilled chicken, and onions — a meal filled with protein and carbs.

Similarly, Moore eats spaghetti, but topped with marinara sauce, and a side of vegetables and fruits. He also enjoys eating chicken with A1 Steak Sauce and honey sauce.

Johnson said that if they are playing a game in the morning, he eats a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, fruit, turkey sausage, and eggs.

Lastly, Quin said that for breakfast he has grits, sausage, two pieces of bacon, and fruit. For dinner, he has spaghetti with meat sauce, steak, and a little bit of fruit.


The Meet Up and Eat Up event allowed the students to play games with the football players and teach them how to shop for and eat healthy foods.