Dentyne Launches Food Truck Campaign

The ‘Follow Food’ truck will drive around America this summer

The Dentyne food truck will be at six food festivals around the country this summer.

Companies like Olive Garden are rolling out food trucks around the country, and Dentyne is the latest to join in.

This summer, the gum brand is launching a #FollowFood social campaign by using a so-called Follow Food Truck, according to AdWeek. The truck is slated to go across the country and stop at food festivals in Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and several other places.

The Follow Food campaign will also release videos to go along with the trucks. Expect to receive wet naps and gum samples at the food festivals.

Lydia Kuo, senior associate brand manager at Dentyne, told AdWeek that gum is oftentimes overlooked or forgotten. "Gum is a low-engagement category," Kuo said. "We had to bring attention in an unexpected way, and McCann [Dentyne’s advertising agency] came up with something cheeky, fun and different — not something you'd expect of gum."


The Dentyne truck will follow legendary food truck the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, as well as a kimchi taco truck, hot dog vendor, and pizza truck. After eating at one of these trucks, you can stop by the Dentyne Follow Food Truck for some breath-freshening gum.