DC Trump Hotel Can’t Find Replacement for Zakarian’s Restaurant, Building Conference Room Instead

Chefs Zakarian and Andrés abandon restaurant plans for Trump’s hotel following his negative comments about Mexican immigrants

Wikimedia Commons/ Gage Skidmore

With the new hotel set to open next month, it must move on without another restaurant.

Looks like Donald Trump couldn’t seal the deal on this one.

Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and José Andrés both “dumped Trump” last fall, abandoning plans to open restaurants at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., after the presidential candidate said Mexican immigrants were “bringing crime” and “being rapists.”

Andrés’ spot was replaced with a BLT Prime by David Burke, but the hotel “cannot find a single taker” for the empty spot where Zakarian’s restaurant was supposed to be, Grubstreet reported.

Though other chefs were offered the spot, “We couldn’t get them to make a deal. We couldn’t get them to sign a lease,” Trump said.

With the hotel set to open Sept. 12 (wine by the spoon, anyone?), the hotel must move on with another plan. The space is being converted into a “very large” conference room instead.

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