Dairy Queen Rolls Out New Menu Items For Its 75th Anniversary

In honor of Dairy Queen's 75th anniversary, the Blizzard-famous restaurant is coming out with nine new menu items, according to a press release.

Dairy Queen is introducing hot desserts, snack melts, and artisan-style sandwiches in a new line called DQ Bakes. The hot desserts will be served à la mode with Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve and come in triple chocolate brownie, apple tart, and fudge-stuffed chocolate chip cookie varieties.

Snack melts are Dairy Queen's take on snack wraps, and are available in Buffalo chicken, chicken bacon BBQ, and chicken quesadilla. The sandwiches will feature chicken bacon ranch, chicken mozzarella, and turkey BLT options.

Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing for the American Dairy Queen Corporation, said in the press release that these new menu items are a game-changer for the brand. "We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our actual 75th anniversary with our fans, as well as set us up for the next 75 years," Westrum said.

The DQ Bakes items were officially launched on June 22 and is currently being added to locations nationwide.