Customers Flock To Cupcake Shop After Owner Rescues Kidnapped Child

Heroes usually come in the form of a firefighter, soldier or paramedic, but sometimes a hero is a quick-thinking cupcake shop-owner. Salt Lake City's Mini's Cupcakes owner Leslie Fiet has been experiencing a significant uptick in business after she heroically spotted and rescued a kidnapped child after an Amber Alert went off just hours before.

After receiving the Amber text alert on Wednesday that warned nearby residents of 3-year-old Bella Martinez's sudden disappearance, Fiet recognized the black SUV from the alert parked outside of her cupcake shop, according to Deseret News.  She sprang into action and recovered the crying child from the open window of the SUV before bringing her into the shop and calling the police. The child had been missing for two hours after her father left his child in his car for a few minutes while he went into a store. He came out only to find his car gone. Rosealee Maria Key, the woman suspected of stealing the car, was arrested soon after, according to KSL.

Since then, Mini's Cupcakes has experienced an unexpected wave of customers who all want to support their local heroine. On Thursday, Fiet even kept the cupcake shop open two hours past the usual closing time.

"It has been completely overwhelming," Fiet told Deseret News, adding that some customers drove long distances just to meet the woman who saved Bella. "Things have been wildfire-crazy around here. I don't even have the words for it."