Customer Raises More Than $43,000 for Chick-fil-A Cashier Who Gives Food to the Homeless

When a customer came in and saw a cashier (who is known for being generous) working while injured, he decided to take action

He was in a neck brace, but “he was working cause he needs the money and also wants to feed the homeless for Christmas and needs the cash,” customer Cameron Nelson said.

The holiday spirit is alive and well in an unusual place: Chick-fil-A. Cameron Nelson, an Indianapolis customer, was in line when he saw the cashier was working with a sling and a neck brace. While talking to the cashier, Jakeem Tyler, 18, Nelson found out that Tyler was working while he was injured because he couldn’t afford not to, and Tyler wanted to save some of his paycheck to feed the homeless as well.

Nelson started a GoFundMe page for Tyler. “When I placed my order, I asked him what happened...he said he was involved in a car accident,” Nelson wrote in the description. “We sneeze too hard & decide to call in, but he’s working like nothing’s wrong.”

The GoFundMe’s modest goal of $2,500 was soon surpassed. Since starting on Dec. 9, the fundraiser has raised more than $43,635.


“Whenever he has the money, he’ll purchase some food at the end of his shift, and he’ll stop along the way home and give it to people,” Tyler’s father told TODAY. “Even though Jakeem is working hard to help the homeless around Christmas time, he believes people should be generous year-round.”