Customer Leaves Server Scathing Anti-Immigrant Note Instead of a Tip

An image of a receipt supposedly from a Los Angeles Thai restaurant shows a note that states, ‘Tip for US Citizens Only’

The image has since gone viral, sparking fury amongst social media users.

In light of the current refugee crisis in Syria, anti-immigrant sentiments have flared. An image of a server’s receipt from a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles, Bamboo Thai Bistro, shows a biting remark in lieu of a tip: “Tip for U.S. Citizens Only,” a customer wrote on the gratuity line. The image of the provocative anti-immigrant sentiment has since gone viral.

The receipt actually shows the full name of the customer who left the scathing message, Jason Paul Naglich. The publication of private and personal information online is known as doxxing, and in many cases is legal. Naglich has not responded to media requests for comment. However, his critics have not minced words in response to his shocking act of non-gratuity.


The waitress in question, according to the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, is here under a work Visa and is working on getting her green card to give her two children a better life.