Cricket Discovery Leads To Recall Of 120,000 Containers Of Baby Food In Japan

A subsidiary of Asahi Holdings will recall an estimated 120,000 bags of its meat-and-potatoes mix after a cricket was discovered in one of the bags, reports The Associated Foreign Press.

Wakodo, a leading brand of baby food in Japan, received a complaint last from a customer in Tokyo who discovered a 7.4 millimeter-long, unwelcome intruder in a packet of baby food.

Although it was unclear whether the contamination occurred during the manufacturing process, Wakodo announced that it would initiate a recall, and said in a statement, "We deeply apologize to our customers for causing trouble and worry."

In an unrelated episode of food contamination in Japan, the country's McDonald's has had a less-than-stellar track record of late. In August, a McDonald's Japan customer found a tooth in their fries, and then in December, a child unknowingly bit into a piece of plastic from machinery that has unknowingly fallen into the child's ice cream sundae. Just last week, a McDonald's customer in Misawa, Japan found a piece of vinyl inside a Chicken McNugget.