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Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Goes to Taco Bell

The steer led the cops on a two-hour chase to the door of a Weatherford location of the fast-food chain

SehrguteFotos / Shutterstock

The cow escaped around 11 a.m. last Thursday.  

Last week, a cow’s nearly two-hour taste of freedom ended at none other than a busy Taco Bell on South Main Street in Weatherford, Texas.

A cow escaped the Hamilton Meats butcher shop and led police officers and animal control workers on a lengthy chase throughout the city, Star-Telegram reported.

The cow was wrangled by two civilians on horseback in front of the fast-food chain after ramming into a police car and was returned to the butcher.

“He ran pretty good for the amount of time he was out,” said Sgt. Jason Hayes of the Weatherford Police Department. “But he got caught like the rest of them.”

This wasn’t the first time citizens have assisted in the capturing of escaped livestock in the city, Hayes said.

The chase was recorded on a dash cam and has since gone viral on Facebook, reaching more than 6 million views.


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