This Couple Turned A Trip To Taco Bell Into A Fancy, Romantic Date Night

This couple, like many lovebirds, dressed up for Valentine's Day and ate dinner at a white cloth-covered table, while drinking out of Champagne flutes. The difference is that Daniel and Cassie, two Sacramento lovebirds with a wry sense of humor, weren't dining at a fancy five-star restaurant: They were at Taco Bell.

The couple had been dating for five years and couldn't decide what to do for Valentine's Day, so Cassie suggested taking a trip to Taco Bell instead of somewhere more upscale.What started out as a joke became a fun night, according to their post on Imgur. Cassie and Daniel got dressed up, printed out Taco Bell "menus" on card paper that described menu items like the "Tostada al Trapo paired with a Baja Blast 2004 Tennessee vintage" and the Empanadas de Manzana Acarmelada" for dessert. Bonus points: No pesky reservations needed.

Daniel set up their fancy dinner at the restaurant by putting white tablecloths over the regular Taco Bell furniture, lighting candles, putting flowers in a vase, and even pouring out the Baja Blast drinks into Champagne flutes.

"Since even the ordinary things are special when she's around — we made this Taco bell into something special for Valentine's Day!" Daniel said. "Even though I planned this whole thing WITH her, I was really nervous to see if we'd be able to pull this off."