Couple Gets Married At The Starbucks Where They First Met

A couple who chose Starbucks as the location for their first date recently returned to host their wedding at the same store, which has, understandably, become their favorite coffee shop.

But the first time Kamelia Manouchehri saw Richard Phiefer walking toward her for their first date, she thought, "let me get rid of this guy really fast."

They began talking as "Richard slowly sipped a brewed coffee while Kamelia tried to drink a tall vanilla latte at record speed." But as she reached the end of her latte she suddenly realized there was more to her date than the "unremarkable shirt, hiking shoes, and socks — tall, white socks" that he was wearing.

"The one thing I really liked about him was how genuine he was on that first date," she told the Starbucks team. "His eyes were smiling and that's what I loved about him."

Three years later, the couple got married at the same Starbucks, per his request. "I told him that would be embarrassing," said Manouchehri. "He said, 'no, this is going to be the most romantic wedding in the world because that's where we fell in love.' I was so moved by that, I said yes."