Could Quinoa Be Used As The Next Protein Powder?

You've heard of whey, soy, and pea protein powders, so why not quinoa?

Dr. Laurie Scanlin is the CEO and founder of Keen Ingredients, a company that specializes in quinoa products. Scanlin's most recent endeavor is to create a quinoa protein concentrate (which she terms QPC) that could rival other protein powders as a healthy alternative, according to Food Navigator.

Scanlin, who has her Ph.D. in food science and human nutrition, has been developing this protein concentrate for the past 15 years. "Quinoa protein concentrate was originally developed to improve quinoa's palatability and digestibility," she told Food Navigator, "so that QPC may be incorporated into less starchy, more nutrient-dense food and beverages to meet the needs of growing children."

QPC is not available in stores just yet, but Scanlin has plans to bring it to shelves soon. The website notes, "We are in the process of bringing this vital ingredient to scale, and we are eager to collaborate with companies seeking a ground-breaking alternative to today's traditional protein options."