Could the Next Oreo Flavor be “Filled Cupcake”?

A white cream center within a chocolate cream center? That’s like Oreo-Inception!
Filled Cupcake Oreos

Instagram/Sabrina Moore

This is the leaked photo of the filled cupcake Oreos — could they be real?

Oreo’s latest unconfirmed flavor is called “filled cupcake” and will have a chocolate and white cream center. It’s like a center within a center — isn’t that like Oreo-Inception?

Someone posted a photo on Instagram, claiming that this new flavor will hit stores in January 2016. The concept seems to be based off of Hostess CupCake — the chocolate cupcake with a cream filling. Oreo’s packaging encourages consumers to “twist and lick” the icing off, just as the company has advertised in the past.

Cinnamon buns are the newest confirmed addition to the Oreo flavor family (they will be released sometime soon). Before that, Oreo brought out a limited edition toasted coconut flavor and chocolatey brownie batter cookies.

The filled cupcake Oreos seem to be a good middle ground for those who appreciate the original cream-filled cookies, but wish they had more chocolate.

We have reached out to Oreo for comment and are waiting to hear back to confirm whether this flavor is indeed real.

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