The Costco Chicken Salad E. Coli Outbreak Is Over: 19 People Were Infected, Says CDC

In November, the CDC reported that an E. coli infection had been linked to a batch of chicken salad found at Costco locations in Washington, Colorado, Montana, and Utah.Now, after a thorough investigation, the CDC has concluded that 19 people were infected and that the outbreak is most likely over.

Five ill people were hospitalized, and two developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure. No deaths were reported, according to Food Safety News. The CDC has also determined that the celery in the chicken salad was the cause of infection since 14 out of the 19 people who reported E. coli illness symptoms had purchased the chicken salad the week before. The celery was supplied by Taylor Farms Pacific, and was voluntarily recalled by Costco, as well as Starbucks and Target, where the celery and onion blend was also served.

The FDA cannot confirm for sure that the celery and onion blend was the direct cause of the E. coli outbreak since secondary investigations could not find traces of E. coli bacterium in the celery and onion blend. A common source of contamination was not found.