Corn Pops Over Bacon-Infused Soy Milk: Mission Chinese Launched Trendy, Pop-Up Kellogg’s Breakfast Menu

Danny Bowien’s Mission Chinese Food teamed up with Kellogg for a breakfast menu to make simple breakfast food uber-trendy

You’re an adult: It’s not enough to simply have cereal and milk anymore. 

For the first time ever, Danny Bowien’s Mission Chinese Food, named by The Daily Meal as one of the best Chinese restaurants in America, launched a breakfast menu.But since this is Mission Chinese, you could probably guess the menu didn’t consist of ordinary eggs and bacon breakfast. Bowien teamed up with Kellogg to come up a quirky, hipster-ized cereal and milk menu for their New York City location.

The unusual milk and cereal pairings like Frosted Flakes dusted with green tea powder served with a carafe of matcha milk and a side of green tea noodles, was available to hungry a.m. customers between December 18 and 20. Other menu highlights include Corn Pops over bacon-infused soy milk topped with a fried egg; and Frosted Mini Wheats on a bed of cashew butter and persimmon jam topped with tableside peanut milk and beef jerky fried rice. 


The milk and cereal pop-up bar, dubbed #StirUpBreakfast, was a hit on social media. People really ate it up (pun definitely intended).