Cops Called as Cows Invade a UK Supermarket as Part of Dairy Farmer Protest

UK dairy farmers brought their cows to a local supermarket to protest the low returns they get from selling milk

Mooove over, shoppers. We want fairer prices!

Customers in Stafford, England, were pretty confused this week when a herd of cows visited an Asda grocery store. But these bovines weren’t terribly lost — dairy farmers actually brought them there as a symbol of protest over how little farmers are paid by supermarkets for the milk they produce.

According to The Telegraph, right now, milk is cheaper than a bottle of water. The group of heifers was accompanied by 70 protestors urging supermarkets like Asda to change their prices.

However, the police were apparently not impressed by the  cow protest, and were  called to intervene. Dairy farmers all over the UK have been protesting what they call the unsustainable dairy industry. The average cost of producing a liter of milk is approximately $0.45, but dairy company Arla has been selling it for $0.35 cents per liter to supermarkets like Asda, according to AOL.


“Our milk is supplied by the Arla farmer cooperative,” Asda supermarket said in a statement. “The Arla dairy cooperative is owned by farmers. We moved to this model after guidance from those who were supplying us and means the price received by our farmers is set by their own cooperative business.”