Cop Sues Taco Bell After A Quesadilla Severely Burns His Throat

An Oklahoma City police officer is suing Taco Bell after consuming a quesadilla that severely burnt his throat. But this wasn't just careless temperature negligence: Officer Shawn Byrne is claiming that the burns were deliberately caused by vindictive employees.

Shawn Byrne walked into a Taco Bell in February and placed his order. When he bit into the steak quesadilla, he knew something was wrong, and by the third bite, he said he mouth was burning and the restaurant employees were laughing at him. After visiting a doctor who diagnosed him with severe throat burns, he filed a police report, according to the local NBC syndicate.

"The Department of Agriculture said there was an extremely hot pepper sauce on the sandwich and there was cologne in the sandwich also. Shawn does not wear cologne," Byrne's attorney said in a statement. "There's the possibility they wanted to deliberately cause some harm or play a trick, if you will, on a policeman."

Officer Byrne is seeking $75,000 in damages from the fast-food chain. The Daily Meal has reached out to Taco Bell for a statement.