This Controversial McDonald’s Commercial Compares Workers to Soldiers

A new McDonald’s ad that aired in Sweden appeared to parody a military recruitment commercial and people are up in arms

The tone of this commercial would definitely not fly in the United States.

McDonald’s’ international marketing campaigns have had a tough time of it lately. First a commercial that aired in the U.K. was taken off the air for seemingly taking advantage of a little boy’s grief, and now a new McDonald’s ad for a Swedish audience seemingly compares McDonald’s workers to soldiers.

"In uniform, we are all equal," the voiceover begins, seemingly emulating a commercial for military recruitment. "Gender, ethnic background, or sexual orientation is irrelevant. Nobody cares which god you pray to, or if you don't pray at all. All we demand is that you're a problem solver and focused on the goal."

The commercial is a reminder that Sweden just brought back its mandatory draft, effective next year, in response to alarm over Russian military activity.

McDonald’s has defended the ad, saying that it has "taught hundreds of thousands of young Swedes the importance of self-discipline, team spirit, and cooperation." However, many people believe the commercial is in poor taste, and that the sacrifices a young armed services member makes should never be compared to the work of a fast-food worker.

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