This Colorful King Cake Burger Is Piled High and Smothered in Icing

Mardi Gras brings out the best in indulgent foods, like this creation served at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans

This burger gives “Fat Tuesday” a whole new meaning.

Mardi Gras is an excuse to party ‘til you drop and what better way to fuel your all-night celebrations than with a king cake-inspired burger? King cake — for those unfamiliar with it — is a Carnival-themed sweet treat that originated in New Orleans.

The round cake is usually decorated with icing and purple, gold, and green sprinkles to represent the three kings, with a tiny plastic baby Jesus in the middle (getting the slice with the baby is supposed to bring good luck). Chef Eric Damidot at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans has debuted a king cake/burger mashup that’s beyond your wildest junk food dreams.

The 10-ounce burger is topped with a towering pile of lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese, and sandwiched between two icing-and-sprinkles-drizzled buns. It’s a meal fit for any gluttonous king or queen, though you’ll probably need a nap afterward.


"True king cake is too soft and just collapsed under the weight of the burger," he told Delish, explaining why he chose to use sweet brioche buns instead. "It's still sweet, eggy, and buttery. It's the next best thing.”