College Student Arrested After Drunken Mac & Cheese Freak-Out

Luke Gatti will forever be known as the mac & cheese kid. The 19-year-old University of Connecticut freshman was recorded over the weekend drunkenly ranting about macaroni and cheese at the school campus' Union Street Market staff.Gatti both physically and verbally assaulted staff after being denied the bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese because he was carrying an open container of alcohol.

Gatti was soon arrested for his behavior for breach of peace and criminal trespass, and will appear in court later this month. According to Gawker, he was also reportedly expelled from his school. Although the school will not comment on student records, Snapchat stories from other students allegedly show him moving out of his dorm.

Throughout the video, in which you can clearly see Gatti growing more and more frustrated as his requests for cheesy drunk food are repeatedly denied, the cafeteria workers remain calm, with the manager saying, ""You're not welcome here... You have booze on your breath. You told me you're underage. I just saw you with a bottle of booze — you just drank it in front of me."

This is not Gatti's first run-in with the law. According to Hollywood Life, the young college student and competitive skier was arrested twice in September 2014 for similar incidents, one of which involved an "alleged temper tantrum" after being told to get out of the street.

A local pizzeria has also named a calzone after Gatti; it's filled with macaroni and cheese of course.